Friday, July 4, 2014

Photographic Assignment

Normally when I go out to shoot landscapes I'm just looking for something interesting with no specific use for the images in mind.  However, a bathroom remodeling project led to a need for images for an exact location that had to compliment some art that had already been installed.  Hence, the assignment...  My wife requested something abstract, and abstract in the sense of a blur rather than just a tight composition of something recognizable.  It's summer, so flowers came to mind and off we went to Schedel Garden to find some subject matter. 

One of my photographer friends, Rick, always jokes that if you want abstract, just hit a camera on a tripod while the shutter is open, and Voila - abstract.  You can also use a long shutter speed and let the wind blow, or zoom in or out while shooting.  You can also change the focus.  These images were shot handheld with a long enough shutter speed to allow me to move the camera.  How fast, how far, what direction - well that's the fun part.