Friday, October 18, 2013

Time and patience

Currently I'm on vacation in central america so I have lots of free time.  Of course I do, I'm on vacation! But this is not my usual run and shoot til I drop vacation so the photograph on this blog is from home where I don't have much free time and especially not much time for photography. But since shooting images is one of my most favorite activities, how do I fit it in?
One of my techniques for maximizing my photographic opportunities in Toledo is that I have a list of images I would make if the weather and season (and my schedule) coincide.  As I've driven around the area I've noticed potential subjects and thought about when they might make an intriguing image.  Then if those circumstances arise and I can get to that spot I'm able to photograph quickly and efficiently. 
For years I've been fascinated by the crumbling interurban bridge.  I've photographed it numerous times but really hadn't gotten an image to my liking.  I thought a foggy day would work but it honestly took years until one morning the fog seemed perfect and first light was early enough that I could get there and then to work on time.  That's the image below.

Now I just need a lightening storm at sunset...

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