Saturday, December 27, 2014


Being that it's the Christmas holiday season there's a lot of visiting going on.  Earlier in the day I was thinking about how many people I visit during the season, how many parties there are, and how many special events occur.  There are times I wish I could spread out the Christmas fun over a few months - especially January and February which in Ohio could use some help.  And then there are those people who I only see during holidays and wish I would see during the rest of the year and do a revisit of the holiday get together.

Thinking about the concept of a "revisit" also made me think about photography.  Yeah, I know, the average person would never connect these things and sure I have a photography fixation. And yes my poor wife Chris needs lots of sympathy.  But what occurred to me is that photography offers the possibility of revisiting your previous work and redoing the processing of images.  If you're not into cold weather photography or if you're not escaping to a tropical paradise, January and February are great months to look at old images and see what else you can do with them.  Perhaps you have some new software which would allow you to process an image that you never could get to work out previously.  Maybe you've learned some new ways to work with images in Photoshop or Lightroom.  Or, you could try to create black and white images from some previous captures. For instance, the image above was tone mapped in an HDR program that salvaged an image photographed in harsh midday light last summer. The image below is a black and white conversion using a dedicated monochrome program from Topaz. 

So since half time is over (why are all the interesting football games crammed into two weeks!) I'll end this post now.  But remember, when it's cold, dark, and boring this winter do a revisit.

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